Course Instructor

Farrah Miller

Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Reiki Master, Podcast host

Farrah Miller

Farrah Miller is a Life & Wellness Coach, Reiki Master, podcast host of Spicy life podcast, founder of FM Wellness. Farrah is passionate about helping millennial women awaken to their highest potential and create higher level success in all areas of their life. Farrah is passionate about self development, mental health, traveling, painting, cooking, reading, writing, yoga, meditation, mindfulness in daily life. “You are so powerful, only if you allow the divinity in you to shine bright for the world to witness your greatness.” Farrah Read her personal Eat, Pray, Love journey on her website.

True Love: How to Find Your Soulmate

Overcome infatuation and experience true love & Discover love language

Most romantic relationships begin with that “butterflies in the stomach I can’t live without you” feeling. This is actually a chemical reaction you feel in your body which pulls you toward the other person. This is infatuation, not love, but can move into love. In this course, you will learn the chemistry within you which contributes to these strong feelings and how that chemistry can lead you astray. You’ll also discover the type of person you truly want and how to identify them. The 24 lessons in three modules will guide you through the infatuation stage of a relationship. to understanding why you were drawn to that person. You will then engage in the process to identify the type of person who is ideally suited to you. Every relationship has ups and downs. The pain of disappointment feels very personal, yet it is part of every relationship. You will learn to navigate these difficulties and discover whether the problems are simply bumps in the road or signs of impending disaster. You’ll finish this course with a checklist of what qualities are most important for you in a life partner. You’ll also have information on basic skills in communication, managing feelings, and identifying potential challenges in a relationship.

Course curriculum

Learn the difference between infatuation and love. Discover the qualities of your ideal partner.

  • 1

    New Chapter

    • Module 1 Description
    • Chapter-1 Is It Love or Is It Oxytocin? FREE PREVIEW
    • Chapter- 2 Childhood Reverberations
    • Chapter- 3 Beware of the Need to Fill the Emptiness Within
    • Chapter- 4 The Soulmate Myth
    • Chapter- 5 The Role of Past Relationships
    • Chapter- 6 Un-Crushing the Crush
    • Chapter- 7 Do You Love You?
    • Chapter- 8 Module 1 Summary and Reflection
  • 2

    Module 2 Description

    • Module 2 Description
    • Chapter - 9 Unknown Influences in Relationships
    • Chapter- 10 What’s Important: Physical or Emotional Intimacy?
    • Chapter- 11 Will You Communicate With Me?
    • Chapter- 12 Sexuality and Sensuality
    • Chapter- 13 What’s Your Love Language?
    • Chapter- 14 The Challenge of Change
    • Chapter- 15 What Do You Want Most?
    • Module 2 Summary and Reflection
    • Module 2 Quiz
  • 3

    Module 3 Description

    • Chapter- 16 What’s Your Programming?
    • Chapter- 17 Is It a Mistake or a Pattern?
    • Chapter- 18 What Are Your Non-Negotiables?
    • Chapter- 19 Confronting Hurt and Disappointment
    • Chapter- 20 Can You Forgive and Forget?
    • Chapter- 21 Relationships Are Wonderful
    • Chapter- 22 Strategies to Keep the Spark
    • Module 3 Summary and Reflection
    • Module 3 Quiz